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So it's been a while since I've posted, since I didn't play for a fair while. I hope my berries in the dream world aren't dead :(

Current Party:
Esiotrot/Carracosta ♂ - Lv. 47 - Waterfall/Rock Slide/Crunch/Shell Smash
Ranga/Darmantian ♂ - Lv. 47 - Hammer Arm/Thrash/Flare Blitz/Work Up
Doug/Sawsbuck ♂ - Lv. 47 - Jump Kick/Leech Seed/Horn Leech/Return
Master/Sigilyph ♂ - Lv. 46 - Flash Cannon/Shadow Ball/Fly/Psychic
Mayday/Galvantula ♀ - Lv. 47 - Volt Switch/Charge Beam/Signal Beam/Thunder Wave
Yoko/Excadrill ♀ - Lv. 51 - Rock Slide/X-Scissor/Swords Dance/Earthquake

Now I have all 8 badges. Ice and Dragon gyms were both delicious pieces of cake, with Ranga and Yoko sweeping them both respectively, but I suppose that was only because of my Lucky Egg, which enabled me to level them up really high while beating the gym trainers.

Sort of rushed through Victory Road. Might go back there to collect any skipped items and beat any trainers I missed. Hell, I should go and catch-- OH, THAT'S WHAT I FORGOT TO MENTION.

I have already gone and caught Cobalion and Virizion, so I should go back and catch Terrakion before I challenge the E4, because why not? Plus I love hunting the Trios down.

So yeah, just hanging outside of the E4, waiting to go in, but will probably head back first.
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