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Originally Posted by Keruso View Post
i dont bother with the GTS at all. i mean, who wants shinies they havent captured themselves, and may or may not be hacked?
I completely agree with this, and I even turn down shinies that other people offer me in trades. Personally, I see the entire value in getting them yourself; however, I respect other people's opinions. GTS hunting sounds pretty fun, and if you guys want to do it, go ahead!! It's definitely a valid hunting method.

Originally Posted by Latios Master View Post
Congrats on the shiny Hitmonchan, G-Money! It's great to see your drought is over.

You really should get that Litwick soon. You're probably holding up someone's luck line or something! I went to a different window, but there are people standing behind you in line. Just take your shiny Litwick and move to the next station!! Those people behind you have been waiting all day (and since May, "lol")!

*imagines 5 windows where you can pick up packets of luck, and people waiting in 3 of the lines while Latios Master is taking a ridiculously long time ordering and the people behind him are mad while Keruso keeps going through the same line over and over again because no one else is using that one*

Originally Posted by Raichu1988 View Post
I almost fell over with the page count until I realized the pages for both threads were merged. XD
Welcome back, Raichu!! Please proceed to Window #3 to pick up your shiny Squirtle.

Haha, I would've loved to have seen the look on your face when you thought we filled up 752 pages since March, "lol." That would be really awesome, though, to have that many pages in such a short amount of time.

*hopes for more activity*

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