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Looking for a Fletchling for OR
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    Name: Shadow Lightwood

    Age: 21

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Shadow is 5’9”, making her almost as tall as the guys she works with. She has hair as black and glossy as a Murkrow’s wing that goes down to her hips. She has snow white skin. She has a distinctive Dragonair tattoo on her right shoulder. She is often times wearing faded blue jeans and a black shirt. On work days, she wears her uniform which is almost exactly like an Officer Jenny uniform, save that Shadow’s is black.

    Personality: Shadow is what many people would call anti-social. Shadow has a royal quality that often puts people off. She’s not someone you want against you. Her temper is as famous as her fashion sense. Some people have called her ‘The Dragon Mistress’. Others say she is Clair of Blackthorn City’s arch rival, due to her ability to easily train dragon types. Shadow simply shrugs this off.

    Shadow is a companionate, loving person normally. However she hides this side of her due to her line of work. The side that she shows when she’s working is a woman who is cold, dedicated, loyal, silent, and not likely to take any crap or give second chances. She doesn't have very many friends as a result of her attitude, except her partner Skydancer. Shadow does enjoy music and often times plays the piano in her family's home, much to the delight of her parents.

    History: Shadow was born into a wealthy family in Pewter City. She always got whatever it is she wanted, however she rarely asked for anything if she didn’t earn it. When she was 13 years old, she saw an Officer Jenny taking a criminal into custody. Since then she’d become fascinated by the idea of becoming a police officer. Her parents gave her a Dratini for her 16th birthday. Shadow named the Dratini Skydancer. Shadow became a detective at the young age of 18. She was the star of her class, always giving 120% no matter what the task. Skydancer evolved into a Dragonair when Shadow was 19. “All questions will be answered in time”

    Pokemon (you may have one Pokemon your partner No Legendary’s)

    Pokemon Name: Skydancer

    Species: Dragonair


    Appearance: A normal colored Dragonair who wears a black scarf

    Moves: Draco Meteor/ Dragon Rage/ Dragon Claw/ Ice Beam/ Agility/ Dragon Pulse

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    Pairs: None.

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