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    Nickolai had been waiting in the room for about half an hour, with nothing interesting happening. Some people's names had been called, but none of then had been his. He mostly just ignored all of the others in the room, although the girl stepping out of the wall was pretty hard to ignore.

    One moment, she had not been there, and then the next, she was. Nickolai's mind told him that it could not be possible, but he knew better after the past few days. She simply walked out of the wall and took a quick look around the room, her eyes scanning the occupants until her eyes rested on him. She confidently strode towards the Russian and crouched next to him.

    "Nikolai Afron," she said, "my name is Natalia Zaytsev and I am part of an Atlantean organization. We have been surveying you for the past few days and would be very much interested if you were to join us. I would like to explain to you more but I believe here is not the best place. Please come with me."

    Then she stood up and extended her hand. Nickolai's mind raced. What? An organization? She quickly touched his hand to his iPhone, and Googled the name Natalia Zaytsev, and came up with almost nothing. Electronically speaking, this girl didn't exist. He considered his options, he could stay and reject her invitation, in which case the girl might just kidnap him or something, or he could go with her and find out what this was all about. In any case, going with her might be more interesting than staying here.

    He took her hand and stood. "Alright, I'll go with you. As long as you answer my questions when we get out of here."
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