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Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
Also, it mentions under the section on hormone replacement therapy:

The way it's worded makes me think that it won't accept anyone doing HRT unless they are someone like they mention. That's also quite sad, but I don't know enough about the process to know if it might actually affect your blood so I can't be sure if it's just more of the same or a valid reason.
I don't see how it could make more of a difference than menopausal HRT, but then again I don't really know what kind of dosage menopausal women take so I can't compare very well.
I know I heard something about blood clotting easier on HRT but I assumed it was related to the stress your body goes through metabolising the stuff. /sadly sadly underinformed xD

I think I was on anti-androgens when I last donated blood. Spironolactone was not on the list of warning medications (nor was any kind of hormone that I saw) so I'm not overly worried. :/

Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
Do people still believe/talk about the earring-on-the-gay-side idea? I haven't heard this in a long time.
I always thought it was more of a joke to begin with.

Which side is gay? Is it left?

Ignore the awful quality. :p

#077: Ponyta - The Fire Horse Pokémon
Fire ~ Field eggs
3'03" ~ 66.1lbs ~ 50/50

Its hooves are 10 times harder
than diamonds. It can trample
anything completely flat in moments.

Abilities: Run Away or Flash Fire or Flame Body
Moves: Growl, Flame Wheel, Stomp, Agility
Locations: Pokémon Mansion


Other names:

jp: ポニータ (Ponyta)
de: Ponita
fr: Ponyta
cn: 小火馬 (Xiǎohuǒmǎ)