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Sexuality isn't a problem for me giving's my weight, haha. I don't weigh enough to give blood, and tbh, I hate needles.

Now stuff...

What is you age? What is your age-range for dating (minimum/maximum)?

I'm 19, but I won't date anyone younger than 19. Every time I hit a new age, I think back to how I was at the previous age and I just start thinking "man x is so young!" so even 18 seems young to me lol. The highest I would date would probably be...I wanna say 21. Cause at my uni, 21 is the average graduating age, so I mean, need to get them while they're still in school, you feel me? ;) lol And it's not too far from 19. I'm really weird with ages, I know haha. 22 maybe, but that's pushing it. I do like someone who is 21 though! Though I look about 13-15, so I don't think a lot of older people would wanna be seen with me. lol They'd look like pedos.

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