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Dan has been a scientist most of his life. He excels at studying viruses, and is accepted as a virologist. When he was hard at work once upon a time, his colleagues had made an astounding discovery. They claimed Dan has discovered an enigmatic virus. Unsure of the symptoms, Dan injected the virus into one of the laboratory’s Clinical Study Volunteer. Within minutes the volunteer’s body started reacting unusually. Dan had ran some tests and noticed that his brain processing had been slowed down, and his appetite had change dramatically to crave human flesh. The volunteer, who had now been infected, was put to sleep and placed in a reinforced plexiglass room.

After that astounding discovery, Dan had gone home just like any other normal day. The next morning he had turned on the news only to find out that the infected volunteer had escaped and was running about. Police had been trying to take it down with no luck. Eventually, the military had to be called in. Things only got worse from there. The infected had created a snowball effect, and was spreading the virus to innocent people all over the city. While showing clips of the infected attacking civilians, a severe warning was being displayed at the bottom of the television. It read:

Close and lock every possible way of entering/exiting your house, and stay indoors at all times until stated otherwise.

Dan had gotten a call from a few of his colleagues moments later. His colleagues were on their way to work when they noticed one of the Infected running down the street from them. They had hurried into the building nearest to them and have been stuck in there since. They had asked Dan for help and he was on his way. Ignoring what the newscast had said, he left his house and was on his way. He looked around and noticed a few fallen soldiers. Dan’s had experience with guns earlier in his life and took one for safety, and off he went.

And that, is where the whole story begins.

  • Eliminate multiple types of Infected
  • Explore many different environments!
  • Play through 2 modes: Campaign and Survival
  • and much more!


Walkers are the most common Infected found.
Their different colored skins indicate how fast they are, and how hard they are to destroy.

Pale Skin - A little slower than the player.
Green - A bit slower than the Pale Skin, and harder to destroy.
Purple - The slowest of all, and the hardest to take down.

Crawlers are a tad bit more rare than the Walkers. Just like their name implies, they crawl at a fast speed. They are quite easy to shoot down, although, that does depend on the type of weapon the character is using. Unlike the Walkers, and a decent amount of other Infected, Crawlers do not have different skin colors that indicate their speed and strength. Scientists have said that the bump on their head is their body’s reaction to the infection.

Civilian Zombies are average people that have been recently affected and haven’t fully gone through the change of becoming a full-blooded zombie. When playing ‘ammo friends’ you’ll notice what civilians look like since they, like their name, do look like civilians. Some examples contain: Policemen and women, Doctors, Parents, etc.

note: the following screenshots may not look exactly like this in-game.


Me - Founder, Spriter, Other Graphics
Nathan - Co-Founder
Spherical Ice - Spriter, Coder
Logiedan - Spriter


Rossay - Writing code that we're still using in the game.