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Originally Posted by Kaith View Post
I'm trying to make the hero move backwards, keeping him from continuing until you talk to the rival. Everything works perfectly, even the message not showing up after you talk to your rival. The problem is the movement doesn't work at all. It's the same with every other script I try and have the hero move. I can get other sprites to move, just not the hero. Is there something wrong with my script, or is the problem in Advance Map?

Game: FireRed
Type: GBA
Editor: XSE
#dynamic 0x2E4F00

#org @start
checkflag 0x1000
if 0x0 goto @need

#org @need
msgbox @1 0x6
applymovement 0xFF @move

#org @1
= I'd better make sure \v\h06\nis awake first.\pHis room is right next to mine.

#org @move
#raw 0x12
#raw 0xEF
you forgot to include the command "waitmovement 0" after your applymovement command.

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