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Natalia Zaytsev - Moscow, Russia

Natalia let out a small smile when Nikolai took her hand, a gesture of acceptance before he had even opened his mouth. As he stood up, she took some mental notes, some that she couldn't have determined from the photos she was sent; he was quite tall and his eyes quite pale (most of the photos she had received either had him wearing sunglasses or were CCTV black and white photos).

"Alright, I'll go with you," he said, letting go of her hand as he stood to his full height. "As long as you answer my questions when we get out of here."

She nodded in reply and took his arm, making a swift but subtle exit for the wall she came through. She could take people through walls, the same way she could phase her clothes and small items through walls, but it took a little bit of concentration. She wasn't worried though; she had done this many an occasion. Focusing hard, she gripped tighter on Nikolai's arm and pulled him through the wall, passing through as if through air. Then they were on the other side, unnoticed though not for long. It would only be some time until they called his name and he would not be there and somebody would suspect something. Moving fast, she gestured at him to follow and led him to her car. A silver Volvo S40. Something that looked normal, not some shady looking black 4WD.

"Hop in."

Oakley North - London, England

Oh, so he heard her before. That made sense. She shouldn't be so paranoid, why couldn't she think just like a normal person? If maybe she had a little confidence in herself, maybe her armour wouldn't be so uncontrollable.

"I'm f-fine," she pulled her arm back as the topic of interest landed back at her arm. No! She could not, she would not show all these people it. If she started to freak out, she didn't know what could happen. She could hurt someone, she didn't know what would possibly happen if she lost control. But most of all, she feared what these people would think of her. It didn't matter how crazy or screwed up their abilities were, she knew she would get ridiculed or sent away somewhere if the wrong person found out. One person and a guy who could glow was enough for today. "Really, I'm fine, ok?"

She turned to the guy who smelt like smoke and looked at him briefly, trying to look at his face before he caught her eye. Christian, if she remembered correctly, was a little taller than this Michael guy. Both of them seemed to tower over her and made her feel so small (though she was a little small for her age so she always seemed to feel that way).

"Where are we going?" she asked the lady who was guiding them.
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