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    Originally Posted by DavidJCobb View Post
    Remove the red. That needs to be a string and hence can't have commands. The commands can be safely removed since the script that shows that string also runs them.
    Thank you. I have to ask another question about this particular script;
    If I wanted to make the player stay still while the movements were applied and message boxes displayed, what would I do? As of now the movements/message boxes are only enacted when I walk up to the character and talk to them; I want it to happen automatically.

    #org @start
     checkflag 0x828
     if 0x0 goto @hey!
    if 0x1 goto @nightmare

    #org @hey! setflag 0x828 lock applymovement 0x4 @alert waitmovement 0x0 msgbox @awake 0x6 release end

    #org @awake = [player], wake up! \nwe're here. We're here, \nplayer. #org @alert #raw 0x56 0xFE

    #org @nightmare checkflag 0x828 if 0x0 goto @hey! if 0x1 goto @okay #org @okay lock faceplayer msgbox @feeling 0x6 release end

    #org @feeling = [player], \nare you feeling okay? \nYou looked like you were \nhaving a nightmare.


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