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    I am working hard on Pokemon Crimson, and the has progressed much more that what was originally on this thread. I only work during my free time, so I will not be updating this thread until the game is near completion. It shouldn't be much longer, and I will just create a new thread in the official Games Showcase thread. In the meantime, check my youtube channel for occasional updates:





    More pictures added


    Happy New Years Eve everyone! I'm
    opening the availability for suggestions over my region's name! So if you have
    any original ideas, please post below, and you might see your region name end up
    in the game!


    Hope everyone got what they wanted. I have a gift for the
    people who have actually taken the time to look at my game. Since I'm doing
    every attack animation in the game, I decided to share some with my supporters.
    Under "Downloads you can find a file with a few attack animations I have made
    compatible with RMXP. Take them.


    Merry Christmas!

    *More screenshots added.


    Merry Christmas! Only a few hours away
    from Christmas Eve and I have been doing some work on the game because I'm out
    of school. I'm about to jump this thing up to the Showcase thread....

    *Update section

    *Demo added in

    *Fanfiction story added
    in downloads


    Pokémon Crimson is actually a restart of my original project,
    Pokémon Starfall. After the April 27, 2011 tornadoes hit my area, my house had
    survived luckily, but my computer had surged. Now that I have had some time, and
    located a backup of maps from my original idea, I decided to start the project
    over and use the maps I had already made. I came up with a epic storyline in the
    shower one night, so I decided to start the plot over and use my new plot. I
    grow tired of the same old concept of going to a lab on your birthday to get you
    first Pokémon. I also put some focus in graphics, but not as much as others do
    because plots win awards, not entirely graphics.


    In the near future, the world is making many technological breakthroughs. Two
    companies (Devon and Silph Co.) that have been in operation for around a century
    have gained much power from their tecnological devolpments and now have turned
    into political factions. In recent years, Silph Co. has taken control of the
    Kanto and Johto regions, and a large island not far from Sinnoh that they now
    call the region of Auqa (Placeholder). The island was until recently unpopulated
    and barren except to the native Pokemon and people and their small towns. When
    Silph took over and populated the land and shot buildings into the sky, the
    giant headquartered its company on the region. Soon after, Devon was overrun and
    shut down by Silph. To a few, it seems that the monopoly has gone too far and
    looks to be trying to take control of the Pokemon World. To most of the
    citizens, nothing looks that suspicious due to extreme amounts of positive
    propaganda to back Silph.

    Soon after, the company finds a way to turn people to Pokemon, and resorts to
    human testing. At the age of eleven, you are a young man/woman that is
    awakened to find that he/she is being taken away from his mother, who strongly
    opposes Silph Co, to work at a secret offshore base belonging to Silph to
    undergo human testing for this research. After starting the procedure, it is a
    success. You are changed into a weakened, child-like Raikou, and left in the
    operating room to be studied and rest. When the grunts leave to change to night
    shift, you awaken in the room alone. After some roaring, you here something from
    a vent shaft in the room. You follow the sound to find a Zorua behind the vent
    and decide to go with it. You can now understand the language of Pokemon! You
    come to another room to find a cell for holding captured Pokemon. Among the
    Pokemon is a Riolu. You become friends with the two and try to plan an escape.
    After a trip through the almost empty base during late night shifts, you seek
    out and find an experimental antidote that returns you to normal. You decide to
    take the two with you and train them to overthrow Silph. At that moment you take
    the antidote and catch the Pokemon, the base is attacked by Raquaza, and a huge
    hole is blown into it, were you fall out into the sea. You later awake on Aqua
    region, consequently, on the beach of your own home town...


    The region that was taken over by Silph Co. Most of the land is mountainous,
    except the outer land bordering the sea, which is flat. The climate is usually
    warm all year, with the exception of the snow-covered mountain peaks. Larger
    cities have Silph bases. The main headquarters of Silph is located on the
    northern part of the region in a yet unnamed city. Not counting this HQ, the
    next largest base would be the 300-floored offshore research facility, which
    also happens to be an oil rig on the lower 20 stories. All main confidential
    projects are worked on here.


    *Epic, original, deep story that is the darkest yet of
    any Pokémon game and will have you engaged for hours.

    *Graphical improvements

    *Two starters

    *Choices you make determine outcome of game.

    *New characters in a plot that takes place 100 years ahead of current Pokémon

    *More to come




    1. Riolu & Zorua

    More coming soon


    Other than the tilesets and Pokemon images credited below, all of the
    following is my own works. DO NOT STEAL!!



    Download the demonstration to Pokemon Crimson, an
    action-packed introduction to the game's story as it is described above. Please
    leave feedback if you decide to play it. Slow internet users beware, the file is
    104 MB because I have all my resources in it, even though it is just the start
    of the game.

    Introduction Demo

    I have also started a fanfiction based on the story that covers half of the
    demo. Check out the spoiler below to read the first two chapters!


    Please note that the fanfiction may use some mild language.

    MISC. Downloads


    Some attack animations I made to be compatible with RMXP.



    Poccil-Pokemon Essentials

    Gamefreak and Nintendo-Pokemon Sprites, names, etc.









    Interested in helping? Leave me a message. Scripters, some guy who can do
    concept art, and spiriting are my most wanted.
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