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I'm having a problem with my script.
Every I try to use it as a level script, I don't get the results I should see in XSE when pasting the maps offset script into it.
This is the script that I'm trying to use:
#org $testmovementscript
message $whereami
boxset 6
applymovement 0xFF $huh
pausemove 0x0
message $whatisthat
boxset 6
applymovement 0xFF $runup
pause 0x30
setvar 0x5000 0x0001

#org $whereami
$whereami =Where am I?

#org $huh
#raw 0x56
#raw 0xFE

#org $whatisthat
$whatisthat =What is that?

#org $runup
#raw 0x36
#raw 0xFE

(I'm using Pokescript)

When I decompile the map offset in XSE (Level Script toggled), this is what I get:

#org 0x6B20
#raw 0x0

I have repeated all the steps over and over again but still end up with this result and my game crashing every time.
I have removed all maps scripts so this is the only one on it.
Any help would be gratefully appreciated!

I figured out what my problem was, When copying the map script offset, I was copying the double '00' at the beginning of the offset.
Level scripts works perfectly now. Thank you for a great tut!
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