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    Name: Alestea Night
    Age: 17
    Gender: Girl
    Hometown: Solluna Village, Jhoto
    Ordinary Trainer or Cipher Trainer? Ordinary Trainer

    Appearance: Alestea has long brown hair with purple ribbons. Her usual outfit is a short sleeved shirt that is lavender and grass green leggings. Her shoes are usually sneakers that are light blue with orange laces and lightning bolts on the sides. Alestea also wears a pendent that is red with a flamey orange border.

    Personality: When alone, Alestea is calm and likes to relax. When with pokemon, she is psyched and a bit hyper. She is kind to other humans, and angry when she battles an enemy, like Team Cipher.

    Another thing about her personality is that she can snap easily, and when she is mad, everyone moves back! ALthough this doesn't happen much, even with what happened when she was younger.

    History: When Alestea was 5, her quiet and tiny village of Solluna was attacked by rampaging pokemon. An Absol led the group, and captured her, taking Alestea to a cave deep in the forest. There, she learned a few special abilities, and befriended the pokemon in the cave.

    Soon Alestea was 10 and had to go, but before she did, Absol gave her a starter pokemon, a Ponyta. He also gave her a whistle so she could call Absol anytime. Soon, she was back home. When Alestea was lonely, she would head into a valley and call Absol to play. Now she is 17, and is ready to fight Red and take down Cipher. Alestea has also captured the Absol.

    Other: Alestea can use a few psychic powers, and talk to the pokemon she has captured. She can also breath underwater.

    Starter Profile

    Species: Ponyta
    Nickname: Flare
    Infected?: Not infected
    Gender: Girl
    History: In the past, Flare served an Absol that had run away from it's home region, Shinoh. Soon, she was given to Alestea, and became her starter pokemon.
    Personality: Alongside her trainer, Flare is hyper (sorta). Around other pokemon, Flare doesn't trust them at first, but when she finally does, she is a real softy. When in battle, Flare is psyched and excited.
    Moves: Ember, Flame Wheel, Flame Charge, Morning Sun
    Other: Flare is mysterious, dissapearing at times.
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