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    with you A team,

    it is quite good, but still seems defeat-able. I think a good wall pokemon could mess you up or anything faster and harder hitting. with these guys the moves are predictable, and thus can be avoided or countered.

    Also, i feel that any pranksert pokemon with mess you up with priority status so T-wave and and other crippling status move could mess you up some. And i don't see a way for you to really fight them off...

    im a double battler and i don't see to much synergy among this team.
    so im assusing it's more of a singles team so i wont knock you for that.
    my grade:


    Maybe throw a support member think of a wish support pokemon if its singles team. power is not always the answer. :/


    B team,

    i can see the synergy weather (pun haha) its a singles or doubles.

    really you have to worry about grass and water turning your sand into a swampy mud pit... also if sunny day team that is grass focused could prove to be problematic too.
    and if a fighters hits your T-tar your sand is gone. Think of a a back up sandstormer

    since you team is themed i can't say much on the weaknesses since they are obvious. but i feel this team is a bit more powerfull but can be dealt with by good trainer

    my grade

    the set i would choose since you have some pokes with extra moves

    -Rock Slide


    Dragon claw unless you have accuracy boosting item.
    dragon pulse unless you have white herb for draco.

    surf for power scald to cripple. (i keep getting burned my scald on my teams haha)
    and maybe go with psychic. unless you know the status of alot of pokemon

    go with jolly

    B-brake unless you can see the switch really good.

    go for x scissors for the grass pokes

    make it timid
    go with HP fire for the grass again

    Roar would be fun to use on those stat stackers. but it really either or for me with scald

    id say thunderpunch for waters
    or if you feel fine about that and want more power go with zen headbutt.

    i hope this helps :D
    happy training
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