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Jeremy Kyle - Birmingham, England

Leon soon joined Jeremy standing in the light, and Jeremy though of pulling a stunt on him, saying something like, "nah, just kidding, we are dead," or some similar idea which made him smile widely. Instead, he looked up into the light, "here he is," Jeremy called out, if anything it looked like he was talking to the light, until it winked out to be replaced by a slow click as rows of lights came on inside the warehouse. It was big enough to fit a football field, and completely empty except for Jeremy, Leon and a singular man flanked by two guards that approached from a closed door. The man stood on a couple of metres in front of both Jeremy and Leon, and with a small cough, signalled to Jeremy. He was short, around five and a half feet tall, his bodyguards closer to six feet. Balding and stocky, this man seemed to fit the stereotype of "rich drug dealer" or at least someone who dealt in dodgy dealings, with influential people.

"Oh right!" he said before he jumped out of the room, a small popping sound echoing throughout the building as he left, then another couple in succession as chairs appeared out of thin air behind the man and Leon. Jeremy jumped back into the room, sitting upside down on the chair, rotating his body around as a look of disapproval crept onto the man's face.

"Hello Mr. Leon," the man drawled sounding like Agent Smith from The Matrix, "I'm glad you could have joined us here," he waved his hand around the room they stood in. "Have a seat," he gestured towards the chairs Jeremy had brought and took a seat while his guards stood flanking him on either side. Clearing his throat, he began to speak again, "I represent the Syndicate, a group of people interested in, Leon. Though I am not a part of them, I do dealings with them, such dealings as having to... babysit... you Atlanteans."

He pulled a cigar from his coat pocket, lighting it in his mouth and blowing the thick, acrid smoke out in front of him, Jeremy coughed as he inhaled a chunk of it. "You will be payed, quite generously too for someone like you," he emphasised the last, seeming to make Leon feel insignificant, he had done this countless times to Jeremy, "teaming up with Jeremy here to do what myself or those higher up," he briefly looked at the ceiling, "wish of you."

"So what do you say... Atlantean?" adding the last word a few seconds later, almost spitting it out.

Michael Cale - London, England

"Where are we going?" Oakley asked the lady with the clipboard.

She turned and looked out through the top of her glasses, "Into the next room," she cast her eyes down at her board, "Oakley." so follow me quickly.

Michael followed the lady through the room, the others following behind him, the door closing behind them and locking once they were all through. The room they were now in was fairly small, and its only occupants were three people sitting at a lone desk; piles of paper stacked around them as they scribbled furiously. One of the lady's called with Michael gasped and whispered something to the boy beside her, both seemed surprised to be here, which made Michael wonder what they were so surprised about. It wasn't long before he found out.

The lady in the middle stood up, her long black hair falling down past her shoulders, reaching just above her stomach. She wore quite dark mascara which did nothing else but emphasise her ice blue eyes against her pale skin. A silky blue robe trailed down her body, hiding most of her features; gold patterns weaving around the edges. "Good afternoon," her voice was fluid, like all her words linked together one after the other in a constant stream, "I am River Beleren, member of the Atlantean Royal family and sole Hydrokinetic. I am here to assess each of you as a group and as individuals." She looked at each of the six standing before her, and when she looked at Michael, he had to look down; looking into her eyes pulled him in, their mysterious depths dragging him from reality. "You have been brought together because you six complement each other in abilities. Because of this, you will be teamed up into groups of three, some of you will be welcomed to attend one of our camps where you will learn to work as a group and better control your powers, whereas others will be left to their own measures; being called upon when needed, or when we can help train you."

The lady who whispered to her friend before stood forward to speak, "it is an honour to be in your presence, but how come only some of us can go to the camp?" Michael agreed with the lady, it seemed unfair that some had to learn all by themselves, whilst others got help.

"That is because, Eliza," River replied, focussing intently on the lady, "our resources are few and spread thin, those we believe we can help the quickest we can get trained and ready so we can work on those that would require more effort." She turned her attention to the rest of them, "does anybody else have any questions before we continue?"

Michael shook his head, although questions plagued his mind, none were really relevant, nor on the topic at hand. More than anything he just wanted to get going and get out of there; hopefully able to spend time with Oakley; it has been a while since they last saw each other and Michael had a lot to catch up on.
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