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Originally Posted by Shining Raichu View Post
They're pretty much exactly what you'd expect lol, trolling is a pretty universal practice.

The worst anti-LGBT trolling I've ever seen was in October last year in the lead-up to Spirit Day. Some of the things the people there said were absolutely horrible. People uncensoredly saying that all gay people should do exactly what those poor boys did and kill ourselves. It was really nasty. Even I wasn't able to keep myself from feeding the trolls.
Don't you think that maybe it gets to a point where they're no longer trolls and just flat-out jerks? If I'm not mistaken "troll" always indicates some kind of insincerity, but it they're being this mean I'm tempted to think there actual real live jerks and they actually believe what they say.

Anyway, nothing much to say but wow that sucks. >_>

Originally Posted by First Snow View Post
Facebook groups for LGBT rights? I don't really have a problem with them, however I think there's a page on facebook that actually gets things done. Oh and hi, I'm a new member...
Hi, new member! Welcome to the club! :D -Gives you the official newbie crown-


#077: Ponyta - The Fire Horse Pokémon
Fire ~ Field eggs
3'03" ~ 66.1lbs ~ 50/50

Its hooves are 10 times harder
than diamonds. It can trample
anything completely flat in moments.

Abilities: Run Away or Flash Fire or Flame Body
Moves: Growl, Flame Wheel, Stomp, Agility
Locations: Pokémon Mansion


Other names:

jp: ポニータ (Ponyta)
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