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    Originally Posted by ipatix View Post
    Well make sure when converting the MIDI that the file only use these characters:
    - "A-Z"
    - "a-z"
    - "0-9"
    - "." , "_"

    That should prevent Sappy form crashing.
    For the second problem:
    On this sound-engine you are limited to 128 MIDI programs and the MIDI percussion-MIDI-channel won't change anything and so program "0 - Acoustic Grand Piano" is usually used as a percussion kit.
    When you want to use the piano use the program "1 - Bright Acoustic Piano" , but make sure your voicegroup contains all these instruments.

    Hope you understood my English ;-)
    Alright, I've tried that.
    I'm using the voicegroup offset of 0x43B8A0, which is;
    01 - Bright Acoustic
    09 - Glockenspiel
    35 - Fretless Bass
    45 - Pizzicato Strings
    46 - Harp
    47 - Timpani
    48 - Strings
    60 - French Horn
    73 - Flute
    My instrument setup, after some fiddling, contains only Pizzicato Strings, Flute, Timpani, and Fretless Bass.
    I'm using an empty offset as the Base Destination.
    When I press "Assemble that Ugly Thing", I get an error message that reads:

    "Run-time error '13':
    type mismatch"

    once I hit either OK or X on that message, Sappy closes and a new error message appears that reads:

    "Run-time error '-2147418105 (80010007)':
    Automation error
    The callee (server [not server aplication]) is not available and disappeared; all connections are invalid. The call may have executed."

    Upon hitting OK/X for that message it closes and nothing else appears.
    What do I do to avoid this?
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