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Bah. Why am I answering this one @-@


Physical characteristics: I have two different extremes. Type 1, manly men that make me feel puny. Height and size can greatly effect the "position" that I feel inclined to take. I get really submissive and almost masochist around guys who are just bigger than me (like this one guy I see everyday in the comp lab <3). Hair, hair, hair ('cept the stuff that's actually on the head). Those big beefy guys just seem completed by the whole addition beards, chest hairs, ect. It's an accessory that turns on some of my darkest desires Big and possibly hairy feet @-@ Apparently I do have a foot fetish after all (yes I'd love a PM of your feet). To sum it all up... type 1 is a man beast who brings out my masochistic side. Type 2 on the otherhand emphasizes the sadism that I have hidden inside me. I can go for a skinny and average height guy... if he really seems puny. I get the desire to ultimately "break" him and then I get a bit secretively possessive ^-^' I don't want my toy to be broken by someone other than me Glasses imo just emphasize the fact that this guy is practically blind. He's mine for the taking

But, I'm pretty much open for anyone as long as there's an emotional bond. I just have certain characteristics that bring out specific sexual traits in myself.

Personality: The number one goal is to find a good potential father for my future kids that I will someday have ^-^ At least it should be... bah! I'll admit that I put myself first most of the time when looking at guys as potential prospects. I like a guy who can be supportive. I'm very much an active knight when it comes to dating. I eagerly pick up the damsel in distress, but sometimes I get down and I secretly have that desire to be the princess in the tower. I don't want to be the only one keeping us afloat. Charisma is also an admirable trait, but I'm fine as long as I get out of the house every now and then When it comes to "masculine" vs. feminine," I don't particularly care with one exception. I can't date someone completely weak. I don't want someone who'll cry just because they break a nail while we're cooking or something...

And yes ^-^ I play the love game with the goal of finding a potential spouse. I have a clear defined idea of what I want and I'm not dating for the sake of dating... and friendship is for making friends, dating is not (at least imo). If he can't seriously consider marriage or something similar... then dating him is not worth my time. I'm prefectly up for trial runs of course I'm not trying to rush things here... I just have a clear definition of what I want ^-^

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