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So there was a ruling at the tax court in the US that said that people undergoing sex reassignment surgery can now make the costs of it tax deductible. Which is great news if you're already well-off and paying a lot of money in taxes, but for the rest of us we'd still be paying the full costs of the surgeries (which almost no insurance covers) and only making up a fraction of it in recovered taxes. The ruling also seems only to apply to people with gender identity disorder - so if you have some deep psychological issues stemming from, say, a lack of development of secondary sexual characteristics (like if you were a woman who never developed breasts) then you're out of luck trying to deduct that because it's "cosmetic". Same goes for people having SRS who want breasts.

Still, it's a good start for having GID recognized and perhaps one day it'll help lead to having these procedures subsidized or at least covered by insurance.


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OK, so that whole deal about me thinking I'm bi? Well, based on what happened/what thoughts came to me over the days since then, it's gone from "thinking" to "knowing." I told my girlfriend about it, and she is perfectly fine with it. In fact, she made some rather funny jokes about it. But, in all seriousness, she is fine with it because she knows I still love her and I'm still attracted to her.
I'm glad all the worrying was for nothing then.