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Oakley North - London, England

"In here," wasn't much of an answer, but Oakley didn't have to ponder on the topic for too long to understand why; the lady in the next room answered her question purely with her presence.

Oakley had no idea who this woman was, but she introduced herself as "River Beleren", and as a "Hydrokinetic". Of course, Oakley had no idea who River Beleren was, only that she was beautiful. Her gown (or was it a robe?) was a clear, ocean blue, lined with golden embroidery of the most detailed pattern. It complemented her facial features well, her dark hair and her icy blue eyes almost glowing. Oakley couldn't help but look into her eyes, trying to understand how eyes could ever get that colour. It was... Amazing. Oakley was no man in a woman's body, admiring this lady as if she was a work of art.

Then, she mentioned something about teaming up and leaving to camps or by themselves. Oakley's eyes went to her shoes. Camps? Going off by themselves? Oakley didn't like the idea of either of those options. In a camp, she'd be surrounded by all kinds of people who could do all kinds of things. True, she'd be with 'her people', but she would never truly feel at home. Well, she didn't think she would. She only did so well at her French Academy because of its routine, its consistency. The only consistency this armour had was the consistency to continuously cause her pain and make her paranoid as hell. The camp would see her "training" herself? Where was the normalcy in that? And she wouldn't even start with all of the problems of doing it alone.

"..ybody else have any questions before we continue?"

Oakley looked back up. Indeed, she had one.

"Um, ex-excuse me?" Oakley slowly raised her hand, like she would in class. The beautiful lady smiled and nodded at her, a gesture to continue. "Uh, is there a way to get rid of this? Our... Ability?" She tread on the word 'ability' lightly. Abilities were like the gifts super heroes got. They saved the world with them. This was no gift. This was a painful curse.

"Je... Je ne veux pas de cette. Elle provoque trop de chagrin et je veux juste rentrer à la maison... Home," she added under her breath.
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