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Every generation of Pokemon games has a theme that is represented through the new Pokemon, the storyline and the concepts introduced in each new game. Pokemon Black and White are concerned with opposites and the relationship between them. Below you'll find a passage discussing this:

Originally Posted by Bulbapedia

Unova thematic motif
The fifth generation of Pokémon games focuses on the relationships between opposites, such as nature and industry or humans and Pokémon. This comes from the concept of Yin and Yang, which the legendary mascots of Pokémon Black and White, Reshiram and Zekrom, are based on, with another reference being that Reshiram is the mascot of Black and Zekrom being the mascot of White-- both are opposite colored to the game's color, while version mascots beforehand had always matched. The Musketeer trio also represent this theme as they are trying to prevent Pokémon from losing their natural habitats to human industry. The generation's main antagonists, Team Plasma, also fit in with this theme, as their goal is to separate Pokémon from humans. Some of the cities also reflect this theme by being aesthetically different depending on the version of the game; two major examples of this are Black City and White Forest, two version-exclusive locations. The Dream World, which is supposed to combine dreams and reality, also fit into this theme.
Did you pick up on this theme during your playthroughs of the games? Do you think they were effective in putting this theme across? Can you think of any way that they could have improved or expanded upon this? Can you think of any examples of this theme that were not mentioned above?


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