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    Dear Anonymous/es,
    You guys... I did leave, yes. I guess I'm just hating on myself, but that's just me. Don't worry about it, ok? Halfway of that anyways is because of school. Entirely, it's not his fault. It was mine. And, I'm not that much a contribution to PC, not even a supporter.. yet. And I know, I love you too.. as a friend, m'kay? Love you guys. xoxo I'm back (yet I still leave on occasions)., though Red Umbreon is staying... I'm STILL bitter. Haha. :>

    Dear Anonymous,
    Prepare the Poetry thread! A beginner is coming! Come on master... Please also come back~~ Even just on poetry? Please? Pretty please?

    Dear Anonymous,
    I still love you. And I ask to myself.. Why? I don't even know myself. But... you light up my life., I guess. Maybe you won't like me back, but... I just want to let that thought out of my mind. P.S. Thanks for cheering me up that day. I've been really scolded by the scariest teacher, and more bad luck things that 11/11/11... So yeah. Your video, I loved it. Thanks for doing it now.. :>