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    Originally Posted by Beegu View Post
    I guess that makes sense, but who's Hestia? never heard of her. Yeah, Hespaestus is lame and depicted as ugly, but he's my dad, so donchu dis him! Actually, one of the reasons I made his arm get paralyzed was that he could relate well to his pop. He is still the best forger ever! And even through he has a deformed and useless leg, he has his awesome donkey for transport. Das one epic ass.

    Psss. I don't want yo stupid cake, we have PIE! And FYI, It's apple pie: the source of existence!!! OH YEAH!!!!
    lololol, You take this waaay to seriously. xD

    Originally Posted by Aura Rift View Post
    @ First Snow, Accepted

    The appearence is a bit short but I'm letting it slide for two reasons.

    1: You said you'd improve it and...

    2: I also REALLY want to get this started

    So lets go everyone!

    What you should be doing:

    Waking up! It's a bright sunny new morning for you demigods and you've got some tough training ahead... Today is Friday, the day campers play capture the flag in the forest surrounding camp half-blood... You haven't been able to play recently however, Chrion has been saying for some time now that due to "recent events", you don't have a clue what he means, the forest has been off limits, however last night at dinner he announced that capture the flag would resume. So wake up, get dressed, prepare yourself in whatever way you feel you need to! Then get yourself down to the forets edge to meet Chiron and wait for your fellow demigods should you need to.
    Nooooo! You guys started overnight! Man time zones are screw-ed up. X3
    It's Whimsical WYMSICAL!

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