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    Originally Posted by Conjurer View Post
    Does that include Fearless Love, who still needs to put up his/her SU? Just making sure, you know.
    Yes, it does. :) I've posted with the rules and all, so all of you are free to discuss your strategies with other team members. :D

    Also, I have tried out a new style of posting for me. Usually, I RP in third person, but for this, I've written in First Person. Hopefully it should be interesting :DDD

    Alright, everyone. One hour to discuss strategies and meet up. While it'll be good if all the RPers in the blue team met up with Josh and Alex, you're all free to do whatever you like. Discuss plans, gear up, do some recon... your choice. But, until the one hour is over, you're not allowed to enter the forest (unless you want to be eaten by Harpies lol)
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