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Originally Posted by Pockymon View Post
I went to China a few years ago and I saw these Pokemon decks on sale at the Hong Kong-China immigration border point Luo Wu and there were many fake cards on sale.

As China is reputed for its almost-real fakes, it took me some time to realize it.

Firstly, instead of for example: illus Kouki Saito. It is written as illUs Kouki Saito.

It's holographics are so real I couldnt see anything wrong.

And they were not at all filmsy, they felt of the same texture and same thickness.

Anyway, I also have my fair share of real Pokemon cards bought from authorized stores in my country.

But here's a piece of advice to NEVER go to China to buy Pokemon cards. China peeps are way too cunning and make their products look so real.

Anyway I have this faulty real Ninetales Pokemon card. It's "curse" is spelt as "corse" any idea how much will it fetch?

And I also have this faulty real Vulpix whose HP and number is lopsided, please tell me the price :3
I do believe you misunderstood the purpose of this thread. It's just for posting artistic fakes you have created and commenting on other artistic fakes other people have posted in here.

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Why did you post that here?:\
Please do not minimod. Just use the report function next time you see a post that you think is off-topic.
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