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Now that the PC is finally done acting up for me, I can reply to this. :P

Originally Posted by -DeepImpact- View Post
@Nakuzami: Yeah, Mr. Wolf is allowed in, buuuuuut.... he won't be able to fight, OR assist you in any way during the game. :P Soz for that, but, ya know. It's to ensure balance. :D

Anyways, my second post will be up soon. And also lmao @everybody who says Ares cabin is dumb xDDDD

@First Snow: Yup, all the maidens of Artemis are female. :P No exception to that. They also hate boys, so don't expect any kind of kindness towards boys from them xD
Thought so~

And, well, not all of her hunters(or followers if you'd prefer to call them that, I guess) are woman. At least, in Percy Jackson they might be.
One such that comes to mind is Hippolytus. Although, rather than hating men, he despises women~

@Wymsical - Mythology whiz, huh?
I just finished my mythology unit in English class a week or two ago, so I have some idea of what I'm talking about. Some idea.

Okay, Ima stop confusing myself between Percy Jackson and regular mythology now~. Or, at least, I'll try. :P
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