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River Beleren - London, England

"Um, ex-excuse me?" Oakley raising her hand puzzled River, it was as if she was treating River like her teacher, and although she was flattered, River was nothing close to a teacher; that was something Thalia or Cobalt were good at, not herself. She turned her attention from Eliza towards Oakley.

"Uh, is there a way to get rid of this? Our... Ability?" Something stung River inside; it pained her to think that someone wished to get rid of something as extraordinary as what they possessed. Most people were ecstatic to have a power, even ones that were quite frankly useless, this girl wanted to get rid of it? River left her place at the table and swiftly walked over to Oakley, embracing her in a hug. "My child," she started as she pulled back. She turned and walked back to the table, this time standing in front and addressing the group entirely.

"Like the colour of your skin, your abilities are genetic, a rite, an inheritance of sorts; you cannot get rid of them nor change them. However, like your very own body, they grow and change, slowly becoming something that is art." River demonstrated her own abilities; telekinetically controlling the water from the cups on the table and crafting them in mid-air. The became one singular body of water, then split apart into smaller droplets.

She turned her focus back to Oakley, "I'm sorry that you wish that, but perhaps we can turn that around?" River kept her shock buried deep beneath the tumultuous waves of the sea that was her emotions; expressing something closer to sorrow. "Any other questions?"

Jeremy Kyle - Birmingham, England

Jeremy watched as Leon laughed a little before he spoke, " offense, my main bald man, but I don't make it a habit to go into business with organization that I really don't know sh*t about. So, you either explain your motives, and who the hell are you some more, or I'm outta here." Jeremy wasn't too shocked to hear Leon speak this way, he agreed with him for most if it, but Jeremy didn't really have a bone to pick with his employers.

"Come on Leon," Jeremy exclaimed, "you should join up so we can work together! It would be fu~n!"

Jeremy was stopped quickly by a sharp glare from his superior, "The Syndicate simply needs the assistance of your...expertise to help them achieve their motives. Like I said, you will be paid for the work you do, like any other job, except you have to accept the jobs they give you, no matter what conflicts of interest you have." His superior could not make it any clearer, and Jeremy knew that he knew as much as Jeremy knew, maybe a tiny bit more.
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