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    @Fearless Love: Well, no probs. I just wanted to mention that, but if you feel that it suits Mallory best, you don't need to change it :) Just sayin that in the future, she may have a bit of a hard time fighting monsters xD

    @SkyisUmbreon: I think that in the long run, it's best if they had weapons. While yeah, I won't approve of having a Demeter kid with a sword (doesn't quite fit) a Demeter child having a staff (like Genevieve) or a small dagger is enough for them. :>

    Also, we MAY/MAY NOT begin the game today (lol timezone differences) it depends on how fast the red team is able to plan, and the two new people are able to post their intros. No hurries, though. Take your time xD :>
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