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    Hi! I saw that there was a spot open and I find this RP pretty darn interesting so I'd like to reserve a spot please.
    Edited my SU, but since I'm a noob at uploading pictures I'll give a written explanation instead...

    Here is my SU:

    First, what is your name. You can leave this blank if you feel it is an invasion of your privacy.
    Well obviously my name is blank, haha.

    What do you want your Screen Name to be? This is what you will be called all through out the game.

    What gender are you?

    How old are you?
    15 years.

    Please, describe what you want your avatar in the game to look like. Feel free to include a picture if you like.
    The avatar 'Bone' has lime-green eyes, pale skin, almond-brown, pointy hair. He also wears a slate-gray T-shirt with a pixelated white skull on the front, his neck has a red scarf wrapped around it aswell as a black headset. His pants are beighe and cuts off right over his knees, he also wears sandals.

    What class would you like to play? You can only play one.
    Move Tutor.

    Which pokemon would you like to start with? Again, you can only have one.