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Christian Calaway- London, England

Lead through a few corridors, the group of Atlanteans was lead into a small room with a table in the middle. Three people were sitting at the table, acting if they were waiting for them. The women stood up in the middle and prepared to speak: "Good afternoon.I am River Beleren, member of the Atlantean Royal family and sole Hydrokinetic. I am here to assess each of you as a group and as individuals.You have been brought together because you six complement each other in abilities. Because of this, you will be teamed up into groups of three, some of you will be welcomed to attend one of our camps where you will learn to work as a group and better control your powers, whereas others will be left to their own measures; being called upon when needed, or when we can help train you."

This River Belern was a beautiful woman who spoke with eloquence. She spoke clearly with the words flowing like…well a river. Christian was sliently jealous, if only because his ability to speak paled in comparison with his voice having an almost abrasive quality at times. River asked questions from Michael and later Oakley. Michael focused on the idea of the elusive camp, which bothered Christian but not for the same reasons. Oakley was hoping for a cure, which Christian was curious as to why she wanted one. River explained that it was impossible to cure it as the abilities were genetic. Christian figured until genetic engineering advanced to the level of human experimentation, Miss Oakley will simply have to deal with the abilites. River brought her attention back to the group as a whole, open to more questions.

Christian took a step forward and prepared to speak: "I got a question…your highness. I did not come here to sign up to work for the Atlantean Royal Family and to work with these people, no offense to anyone. I am sure you are all fine people," Christian said with a sincere tone. "I did not come here for training or a career opportunity. I came here to register for a ID saying "Atalantean". So tell me, princess, why the ruse? Why not tell us what we are getting in now instead of acting like every other damn politician?"

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