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    I'm currently working on a Fire Red total modification. Currently, I've gotten to Route 4 of my world, where you must battle Team Rocket. I'm having problems with making Team Rocket disappear after you fight the leader of the group of them.

    I'm using XSE and Advance Map 1.92

    Here are Person event no.'s:
    1 (Basic guy you talk to)
    2 (Another basic guy you talk to)
    3 (The guy you battle that has the hiding scripts)

    This is the script I put for the guy you battle:

    #org 0x7A4DB8
    trainerbattle 0x1 0x21A 0x0 0x87A4DE4 0x87A4E03 0x87A4E6C

    #org 0x7A4E6C
    msgbox 0x87A4E29 MSG_FACE '"TEAM ROCKET, escort me to\nSURLANK..."
    fadescreen 0x1
    setflag 0x2008
    hidesprite 0x1
    hidesprite 0x2
    hidesprite 0x3
    fadescreen 0x0
    setflag 0x258 (This flag is to get ride of a policeman guarding Route 5 once you exit the house you're in with Team Rocket)

    ' Strings
    #org 0x7A4DE4
    = I am not who you think I am.

    #org 0x7A4E03
    = How could someone like you beat me?

    #org 0x7A4E29
    = TEAM ROCKET, escort me to\nSURLANK CITY!

    I set all of the characters' person ID's to 2008.
    After I battle the leader, the screen does fade, and all the characters do disappear. However, sometimes when you come back, they will either be there or not. When they are there, nothing will happen if you try to talk to any of them. Any help is greatly appreciated.