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Dear Anonymous,
Like seriously... Loumee? That's practically one of the cutest names I've heard! Apart from the fact it sounds like Lomi.... and such that I hate the pairing of it. >.> Thank gosh though it's only for the project. I hate being paired to that person m'kay? D: I mean, why don't you just pair him up with Jhanica and me with .... You know~ Then name the eggy JL. :) Still, I like the name, might if I use it? Thanks~ You just helped me with my name problems for our own eggy~ xD Tho it might lead to some rumors... eh. :v It's the name that counts. XD

Dear Anonymous,
I'm begging you. Please stop being all emo! It isn't you. IT. ISN'T. YOU.

Dear Anonymous,
You wouldn't know how happy I was that you LIKED my poem. <3 And rated it 10/10.