Thread: [HGSS] Revamping my Team?
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imo Butterfree could make use of Quiver Dance, or if not get a Venomoth, with QD, Psychic, Bug Buzz and Sleep Powder <-- latter to set up you can really do well, and tbh, without something to set up with, sleep powder seems kind of useless on Butterfree.

Poison isn't really that useful and if you try Venomoth, then yeah, replace Ariados with Scizor. Oh, and with Scizor since you're going for Night Slash - Pursuit is better really, since it allows you to catch out switching out Pokemon, etc, who unfortunately switch into Scizor (not that common in-game but against proper trainers apparently it does happen as I witnessed tonight lol).

Also on Heracross, Megahorn is pretty much necessary, since STAB, power, yeah needed. Replace with either horn attack orrr aerial ace, and for another attack you can go with pursuit/night slash but up to you!

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