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The Dream World is the worst feature they have ever introduced into Pokémon. It is an incredible disappointment, for the main reason that it requires the player to access a computer to have access to the full functionality of the game.

You paid for the game - everything in the game should be available through the cart. Instead, if you want berries, you are required to leave your game and go to the Dream World.

It's a hand-held game! You shouldn't have to do anything of the sort! Everything should be accessible with the cart and DS. If I wanted to play games on my computer, I would. If anything, the Dream World should just be optional. Unfortunately, if you require berries, it is a necessity.

It has removed a function found in the games, and taken it outside of the game. It'd be like if they took breeding out and required you to go online for it.

It's only made worse by the fact that regular maintenance has to be conducted on the servers, meaning that you are further restricted from the functions of the game.

btw, this is completely different from the PokéWalker, because it wasn't required to have complete access to all the functions - it was just an add-on.

How was this tolerated so much by the fans? Was it because of the DW abilities? Did that compensate for the inconvenience that the Dream World caused for players?
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