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I agree with your hate for the dream world, but for different reasons. It's a pointless and annoying addition that's lead to them excluding a lot of stuff from the game - I'm thinking they couldn't be bothered to find new places to put most of the old Pokemon so what do they think? "Hey, let's just dump them online and release a couple, that'll shut people up!" But no, it's so irritating. And I agree with your view on the berries - although you are able to get some in game from rangers and various characters, wasn't HGSS like that too? Thing is, since they've given every single Pokemon a Dream World ability, it's seeming that if they do ever make a new generation (or even a sequel/remake of old games) then those games would too have to use the Dream World, making it even more frustrating for those people that just don't like it or don't have access to it. And what's the point in 'Dream Pals'? You can't even add anyone you know and half the users aren't even active anymore o.o For these reasons, I stopped using the Dream World a month or so ago. :P

PS: I'm glad you posted this! It's not something I've given much thought to before, but now it's nice to see other people feel the same haha.
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