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    Originally Posted by Karpman View Post
    On to the actual game, everything is looking nice, but in all honesty, some of the graphics just don't have the 'Pokemon feel' to them. In the beginning of the trailer, the grass palletes look far brighter than any that would appear in a Pokemon game, the trees in the scene where you choose Chamelica look very 'non-pokemon' as well; the spritework is excellent, but the palletes and overall height make it look somewhat alien.
    There are a few things in there that we will be changing. I am not very fond of those trees, either. They don't fit the style of the game. However, I think the grass is fine the way it is. No one has ever really mentioned that, so i don't see it as a problem. And if I remember correctly...BW grass was even brighter?

    Some of the sprites, such as Tetramar and Mosachuset are quite large, much larger than even those of legendary Pokemon and Pokemon that are commonly depicted as being large, not to mention the overworlds are much bigger than even those of B/W. Finally, the overworlds at the end are just huge, too big for any game, really, I'm fully aware that legendary Pokemon are suposed to appear intimidating and whatnot, but I think decreasing their height a bit might help them look a little more feasible in this game.
    We are going for a completely new style for our game. It is not HGSS and it is not BW. It is our own style. The overworlds are bigger, as is the game screen. The sprite dimensions will also be bigger, however, the sprites will be very proportional to each other. Our dimensions are 115x115. The overworlds are not TOO big. They are the size they are and are very proportionate to the tiles in-game.

    It seems like you guys are going for a new style here, and you obviously have the capacity to do it, but it's straying a bit too far from Pokemon, in my eyes, at least. I hope that wasn't too harsh, either way, good luck with the game.
    I don't think it is straying from the style of Pokemon, though. I think it is just a "new-gen" sort of feel. People thought BW wasn't Pokemon enough, and yet, it is an official game.