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    Nickolai- Moscow, Russia

    Natalia smiled as Nickolai took her hand. Nickolai returned the smile and was partly relieved to be done with this waiting. And he had some bad feelings about the identification process anyway, it was a bit of a relief to find a way out, even if it was probably illegal. Nickolai was about to ask how they were going to get out when the woman yanked on his arm and moved rather quickly towards the wall. Nickolai followed for a moment, not knowing what would happen next, when the woman disappeared into the wall.

    Then Nickolai resisted. A thousand thoughts pulsed through is mind, wondering if he would travel through the wall like her, or if he did go through the wall, could he get stuck in the middle? He then realized that this had been well planned, and the woman probably knew the extent of her own abilities, so he allowed himself to be pulled towards and through the wall, the Natalia's grip like iron.

    They came out on the other side on the street. It was still mid-morning, and nobody seemed to notice the pair stepping out of the wall. Natalia checked to make sure he had made it out of the wall, then gestured to a silver Volvo parked on the side of the road. "Hop in." Nickolai opened the car door and climbed in, then waited for Natalia to get in too. Then he asked, "So, who are you and what do you want, exactly?"
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