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    Originally Posted by MetalMario View Post
    Welcome back, DDD!
    I was checking random guides for OOT3D on the Zelda wiki and I came across a video about entering Jabu Jabu's belly as an adult. When it ended with your Earthworm Jim "GROOVY!" I was like *ghasp!*
    I checked the owner, and sure enough...

    It's good to have another legend back.
    It makes me want to Masuda things but I have so much other stuff I need to prepare first. The first of which being migrating my wi-fi profile to my 3DS, if that's possible.

    I'm keeping my SP in my laptop bag now, so I should be able to SR Kyogre whenever.
    lol thanks. And that video was crazy. Imagine my reaction when I encountered the glitch for the first time... XD

    Anyways, I'm pretty sure you can transfer your wifi stuff to your 3DS the same way you would with a normal DS, through download play transfer, if you've ever done it before.

    Originally Posted by Keruso View Post
    reason why im not happy is because my Vigoroth decided to have a Crit Hit Slash moment and one-shoted him. of course, im gonna avenge this one, just with a weaker move....................

    my third lost Pokemon.........

    ah well
    Slash? Are you kidding me?? x.x You should be more prepared than that, let alone using a critical hit move such as Slash, that's just asking for trouble. At the very least get a Heart Scale and teach it Scratch or something, or even Cut, or use a different Pokemon altogether.
    I hate seeing shiny Pokemon go uncaught. That sucks man.

    A quick technique I would use if I didn't have anything else would to be to catch a Magnemite/Magneton and use Thunder Wave & Sonicboom on them. Set damage and a status. My favorite has always been at least a Sleep move, and False Swipe if I have it but that's hard to come by in 3rd Gen. The aforementioned can get it done though.

    Originally Posted by G-Money View Post

    You probably know Chr. Draco and Fufu, who still come around now and then.

    I hope things clear up for you and you'll have more time to hunt soon. Congrats on all those shinies!
    Yeah, definitely those two as well. Thank you!

    I'm playing through LeafGreen now, not sure if I mentioned that or not. I've made it up to facing Surge but I'm training my Pokemon at the moment. I might try a few more 3rd gen games, but I have too much going on still to do anything serious.
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