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Basically, the point of this topic is to be... moved all around PC. The discussion within it shall adapt to the section it's found in, too.

To members:
  • You may talk while the topic is static. Try for the topic at hand to fit the forum the thread is in, so if it's moved to Pokémon General, you can talk about your favorite Pokémon, or if you find it on Q&F, you can all hail Steve's pants.
  • Please don't SPAM. This is all for fun, but don't be carried away with it. Always post with the 4/25 rule in mind.
  • Have fun looking for the topic!

To moderators:
  • You are free to move this whenever you want, wherever you want.
  • Remember not to leave any kind of redirects! PC would become infested with those.
  • Move it to the weirdest places you can imagine. Includes all possible forums and subforums. And by all, I mean ALL.

I think it's time for a new thread. Don't you guys?

**Hopefully this one won't die. >:/
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