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Well, I took out Garchomp and Thundurus because they're the only two banned on both PO and Smogon, no other Pokemon is currently banned on both. SS + Drizzle is in the process of being banned on PO so as soon as it's confirmed I'll remove Kabutops (Though I'll keep DrizzleStall pokes on there, like Ludicolo). I also didn't include some things for being outclassed (Swampert, for example). If there are any Pokemon on it you think should be removed, feel free to let me know.

Also I'm planning on doing threat lists for all the main tiers (Ubers, UU, RU, NU, possibly LC) and adding them as a selection before you submit the team.

Lastly, if anyone noticed the layout was broken, I plan on fixing it as soon as I get access to the files, should be about 30 mins.