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    Originally Posted by Nakuzami View Post
    Dang, I think you've got me interested in this. Sounds fun. Is it a sequel to Pokemon Odyssey? I never looked at that RP... perhaps I should?

    I would have guessed that Auron was a Lucario or something, especially seeing as that's the name I use for my Riolu/Lucario.

    Well, reserve me for the Gold Tribe please.
    EDIT: Wait... I just had an idea... are we allowed to have weapons of any kind? If not, then nevermind. If so... I might sign up for the Silver Tribe... maybe.
    Why does everything have to be a friggin' Lucario with you people?! xD jk jk

    Sorry bruvah, no weapons. No need really, we have superpower Pokemon moves..and stuff

    Originally Posted by miltankRancher View Post
    Side: Gold Tribe

    Name: Gladius Clipeum

    Gender: Male

    Age: 27

    Title: Sword and Shield

    Pokemon Species: Snorlax

    Appearance: Gladius have very important features that set him apart from other Snorlax. First of all, compared to other Snorlax, Gladius is very big. While the normal Snorlax stand 6’11” in height, Gladius towers above them with a gigantic size of 7’10”. Gladius is also more heavy-packed than other Snorlax. He weighs around 1100 pounds to 1120 pounds, heavier by almost a hundred pounds fromn the average Snorlax. The normal greenish tint of a Snorlax’ body is replaced by a dark greyish hue of Gladius’ skin. Though not shiny, he puts more pride in that skin which, according to him, gave him more defenses.

    Personality: Being a member for almost the whole of his life, Gladius practically serves as the tribe’s protector. He is very protective of everything; his co-members, his possessions, the tribe’s secrets. Despite his big size (and even bigger appetite), few people have reason to fear him. He is generally known to be a gentle giant. He seldom shows any negative emotions and is particularly friendly to new members. He is always excited whenever he hears news of a new member.

    However, during the siege of Auron, Gladius showed a darker side of him. Inside him exists a very carnal and primitive desire to hurt people. He managed to put his own ground against the Ancients, whom he savagely tossed aside like ragged dolls. He is pretty unstoppable in any battlefield. His force was used as a tide by the other members to push Auron’s forces away, though the rest of the story is well-documented.

    After being driven away, Gladius felt he needs to exert more effort in the team. He put away his mask of being the gentle giant, and donned on his true suit. The Gladius of the battlefield have awoken.


    Before Gladius’ Time in the Gold Tribe

    Gladius Clipeum is the only son of two renowned Pokémon Explorers, who were also members of the Gold Tribe, though secretly. Gladius, as a young Munchlax had no idea of the responsibility upon the shoulders of his parents. He only knew that they were Pokémon Explorers, doing missions, rescuing guys, that sort of things. Gladius’ parents were okay with this. In fact, because they know personally the hard time that a Gold Tribe member can experience, they don’t want young Gladius to follow their footsteps. Instead, they want Gladius to be a Pokémon cleric, a profession uncommon to Snorlax.

    However, young Gladius discovered the membership of his parents in the Gold Tribe when several equally renowned members suddenly barged in their house, and threw a surprise party to celebrate a recent success. This made Gladius’ parents very upset, but it only made Gladius watch in awe. After the party, Gladius asked his parents if he can also join the alliance. His parents were hesistant at first, but they finally gave in and gave their blessings to Gladius. The next day, he was enrolled in the Heroes Alliance School.

    His Time in the Gold Tribe

    When he entered the alliance, he was merely fourteen, a Pokémon not fresh out of his childhood. This is due to his immense power clearly observed during his time in H.A.S. He was warmly welcomed in the tribe as a junior member. He was shy at first because of all the famous faces he see around the Tribe, but he eventually got used to it. He showed what he learned in H.A.S. and this was noticed by many of his brothers. He was valiant in battle, proud in his victories, and humble in his defeats. This plus his unparalleled power and high resistance earned him the nickname “Sword and Shield.”

    The Seige of the Ancients

    Being an already high-ranking member in the Gold Tribe when the siege happened, he was expected to defend the Alpha Alliance as hard as he can. With the siege, Gladius switched to the side he resents to show because he hates his very powerful and destructive ability. But, desperate times call for desperate measures. He killed many Ancients, giving some hope to the already losing Gold Tribe. Gladius seemed to be on a roll, and he seemed to be unstoppable. Seemed. Eventually, Gladius tired out, fainted and was rampaged over by frantic Gold Tribe members and the conquering Ancients. He lost the battle, but still managed to survive, just barely. Together with the surviving Gold Tribe members, he retreated first, vowing to liberate the Alpha Alliance back again. He received the news bearing the death of Ray, his parents, and other Pokémon with great neutrality. Inside, on the other hand, he is seething with madness.

    Moveset: Wild Charge, Surf, Smack Down, Earthquake, Return, Belly Drum

    RP Sample: (I will be narrating what Gladius experienced in the Seige in this sample. Because I think my fanfic is not qualified enough)

    Gladius looked from left to right. He calmed himself. In front of their small army is a huge horde of Pokémon he though had ceased to exist. Their leader Ray was in front of the army, also looking intently to the invading forces. He was waiting for the first move. Gladius heard a whimper beside him. An Azumarill was shaking slightly. Gladius tapped, or to Azumarill’s view pushed, the Pokémon, giving an encouraging smile.

    “We can survive this. You are a Gold Tribe member. We ain’t afraid of anything,” Gladius’ voice boomed across their ranks. Several Pokémon around him smiled. Azumarill looked at Gladius intently and nodded. He stopped shaking. They heard a roar from the other side. The two sides charged forward.

    Gladius, without hesitation, used Belly Drum. He knew it cut his life down, but he can afford the lost life. He needs to win the war quickly. He sent a Wild Charge flying to their opponents, crippling out several Pokémon. The battle started. Gladius cannot distinguish between enemy and friend. He just assumed that anyone who tries to hit him is an enemy. With every Smack Down he gave, with every Wild Charge he threw, and with every Return he sent, the Gold Tribe members’ morale boost. He also felt very invigorated, sending Pokémon to their doom even though he deeply resent the act. Things were turning out good for them.

    However, the tides changed when Auron arrived. He mercilessly hacked away random Pokémon. And when he finally reached Ray, without the bit of hesitation, threw the final blow. Gladius saw this all happen, and fainted. From tiredness, and defeat.
    Alright man, you're accepted. But could you add a little more to the appearance, for convenience's sake. Thanks. Russo, you with my decision?

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