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    Name: Felicia Rydium

    Gender: Female

    Age: 23

    Title: Seraph

    Pokemon Species: Gothitelle

    Appearance: The most notable difference between Felicia and a normal Gothitelle is her color--where as regular Gothitelles are black with white ribbons and bangles, Felicia is white, with black ribbons and bangles. She is also particularly tall and lanky compared to other Gothitelles, standing over 1.8 meters tall, whereas normal Gothitelles would only reach up to 1.5 meters. Her skin is a faint blue color instead of the normal purple. In addition, the "disks" popping out from either side of her head are not separate as is the case with normal Gothitelles. Instead, there is only one disk sprouting out from either side of her head (the topmost one) and it curls down in multiple circular patterns that intertwines with each other, rather resembling hair, even though it is actually part of her skin. Each complete "circle" in the pattern is thicker than the one on top, and it reaches down up to Felicia's shoulders.

    Personality: Felicia is highly spirited and soulful. She does her job as one of the Gold Tribe with passion, and gives it her all. She also makes a great leader, because she possesses a lot of cunning and charisma and keeps her greatest fears to herself, maintaining a confident exterior and never showing a weak point to the enemy. Felicia's personality is unorthodox by Gold Tribe standards; she is not above mischief and pranks or even deception and trickery. This trait, among others, makes her the subject of unpleasant whispers amongst Gold Tribe members. Felicia is not oblivious to these whispers; she merely doesn't care.

    Felicia is tactless and sassy, often making sarcastic remarks and snidely telling others what to do. She also has a tendency to play on the nerves of anybody that she thinks looks weak. However, Felicia is a force to be reckoned with in combat; her Psychic can hold off many attackers at once and crush an impending force from a distance, and her skill with other attacks are quite amazing as well.

    Pre-Gold Tribe:
    Felicia was born to a set of explorer Gothitelles. Felicia's parents weren't quite a rescue team, though they were close; they take on requests sent to them by mail to find various items located all over the region, and bring the requested items back to their clients to be exchanged with hefty sums of money. As a young Gothita, she was told stories of wondrous places that her parents had traveled to, and every once in a while a group of people called the "Gold Tribe" would come up. Felicia admired the Gold Tribe, because her parents had told her that they were the ropes that ties the Alpha Alliance together, the protectors of peace and servants of justice. Before long, Felicia had made up her mind to grow up into a Gold Tribe member.

    During one of their travels, Felicia's parents caught an illness caused by a virus. Famous Pokemon Clerics were called from all over the Alliance to help them recover, but they only got worse with each passing day. After two years, Felicia's parents died almost consecutively, leaving the 14 years old Gothorita to fend for herself. Although her family had been previously wealthy, the attempt to cure her parents had sucked their wealth dry, and before long Felicia was forced to leave her home and lived with her fortuneteller aunt, who happened to be yet another Gothitelle. Luckily she was a bright young girl, and she earned herself a scholarship in the Gold Tribe Academy, where she enrolled until her early graduation after only two years. She graduated with flying colors, and was accepted into the Gold Tribe, where she began to live her childhood dream.

    Gold Tribe
    Felicia is well-known among the ranks of Gold Tribe due to her skill in combat. Though few likes her personality, they do respect and fear her formidable strength. Felicia kept training her psychic powers, but doesn't neglect her physical sturdiness either. She quickly rose through the ranks, and became an influential member of the Gold Tribe.

    After the invasion of the Silver Tribe, Felicia went back to live with her aunt, who had moved into Liberty Town after her hometown, Shine City, was destroyed by the Silver Tribe. Banding together with other Gold Tribe members residing in the small town, she is planning a strategy to take back the Alpha Alliance from the clutches of the Silver Tribe.

    Safeguard, Psychic, Dark Pulse, Flash, Energy Ball, Hidden Power (Fire)

    RP Sample:
    (I'm writing this in Present Tense First Person POV, just so that you can sort of visualize Felicia's character more, because I felt her Personality in the SU was a bit vague. While actually RPing, I'll be using Past Tense Third Person POV.)

    I don't like this day. Not one bit. Who do they think they are? They think they can just march up into our homes and destroy it? Well I'll tell you the chances of that happening. Zit. Zero. Nada. As I run down the halls of the Gold Tribe Headquarters, chaos was present as far as the eyes can see. Flames here, smoke there, dead Pokemon everywhere. Oh, those b*stards are really going to pay now.

    As I reach the door and slam it open, all eyes turn on me. What the hell? Where was everybody? There're only several dozens of people here--and they told me this was where the main fight was happening? Then I noticed it--the room is full of bodies. Of my comrades. Of people I knew of all the time I was here. There's no time to worry about it now, though. There are enemies to be fought right in front of our noses, and they certainly ain't going to go easy on us. The Gold Tribe members who had been fighting the Silver Tribe members did a pretty good job, as far as I can tell. But we're outnumbered by at least five to one, and the chances of us winning is pretty slim.

    The only option now is obvious. We'll retreat for now and regroup with the main forces and try to retake the headquarters later on. The people who fought the Silver Tribe are pretty worn out. They look like they can barely stand, so I have to buy some time for them to get out first.

    "Psychic!" I yell very loudly. Suddenly a pink-purple energy encoats my enemies, and they're unable to move. I had to exert a lot of power to hit so many people though, and they were all very strong--I know I can't maintain this for very long. "Get out of here! Out!" I yell, loud enough for the entire room to hear. I felt Pierre, the shiny Lickilicky, hoisting me on top of his shoulders as he ran for the exit. In front of and behind us were other Pokemon, carrying comrades that have passed out or are too tired to run. Argh! We have a problem. I can't maintain this Psychic for much longer...ugh...must...hold on...

    The moment after that, everything went black.

    When I open my eyes again, I am in a house--more of a shack, really. It's worn down, and amateurly built. I sit there trying to remember what had happened, and sure enough it all's starting to come back to me. I remember everything, down to the most minuscule detail. The images of my dead comrades were burned into my head when the siege happened, so it's not surprising that my mind set itself on auto-record that day, and that I remember everything perfectly.

    The thing is, I don't want to remember. I want to forget it. I want to forget any of this ever happened. I want to believe that this is just a horrible dream, that Ray didn't die, that the Gold Tribe didn't fall, that Auron didn't betray us.

    But what I want to forget and what I want to believe doesn't change any part of the truth.

    v e r d a n t s a n c t u a r y

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    will never give up growing
    let's not give up forgiving
    because they do not know what they are doing.
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