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Originally Posted by DDD'SSCEPTILE View Post

Slash? Are you kidding me?? x.x You should be more prepared than that, let alone using a critical hit move such as Slash, that's just asking for trouble. At the very least get a Heart Scale and teach it Scratch or something, or even Cut, or use a different Pokemon altogether.
I hate seeing shiny Pokemon go uncaught. That sucks man.

A quick technique I would use if I didn't have anything else would to be to catch a Magnemite/Magneton and use Thunder Wave & Sonicboom on them. Set damage and a status. My favorite has always been at least a Sleep move, and False Swipe if I have it but that's hard to come by in 3rd Gen. The aforementioned can get it done though.
Vigoroth actually has Cut and after killing the Shiny, tried using Cut on some of the ones that came across and got them down to the red, but, seeing as both Pokes are at about the same level range, i wasnt expecting a Crit Hit 1HKO. i could switch him around with my Electrode whose got Sonicboom and Flash and take him on that way. I got a False Swiper in my 4th gen games just for this type of occasion when i do get a shiny
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