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    When Bob went to his room, he wonders why he is getting beaten up a lot today. He hit his own armor, it's a bit weaker than yesterday. He then worries why. Is it because he stinks? Stinkiness can weaken some things. He can't smell, but breathe due to his eye holes and other holes(arms, chest, legs, back). He then took a bath, the water finally went inside Bob's body and cleaned it.

    He is still wearing the armor. When he tried using soap to clean the cast, it went through the eye holes to Bob's eye. Bob then screamed, and he fell down. A while later, his armor is as hard as steel. The next day, when Bob tried saying hi to Derek, Derek didn't respond.

    "Derek, why won't you talk to me still?"
    "You don't get it do you Bob?" A girl said.
    "Miranda, get out of this, I'm trying to talk to Derek."

    "No Bob, the reason why I don't want to talk to you, is because, like do you know how you can live wearing this armor for the rest of your life!? Your skin can get damaged if it outgrows it, by now, it's going to. And you won't even make new friends. People think of you as some kind of Pupitar monster or something. Or a zombie. Also, do you think you can even play gym with this? It's like you love it as a wife or something." Derek said.
    "Derek, you don't get it. I am trying to protect yourself so I won't deal with stress, plus, I endured many things using this thing. I'm wearing it until I won't get bullied or made fun of."

    "Dude, really, just leave Miranda and Derek alone. Derek has a point. This cast won't help you succeed with many things. Plus, the more you wear it, the possibility you can die. Like, you are still growing, the cast is going to burst and explode, you will be in this too. I seen a guy do this, he is very afraid of everything like you, he died by this. Plus, quit being a crybaby, grow up, and be a man." A guy said.

    Everyone looked at Bob, a lot. Bob can't even eat easier, plus, he can't even pee or poop too. His skin is starting to put pressure on the metallic cast. When Bob started going to lunch, he then started feeling a pain going on in some areas on his body. It's getting worse, and then the robotic cast immediately switched to defense mode, resembling a real Pupitar(except it's metallic and he is not a pupitar). Bob can't even move his body, then he pushed a button that can make him fly.

    Once he did that, people started to get annoyed of Bob for making sounds because he is flying. One guy threw a milk carton(full one) at Bob's face. Bob then became angry and slammed the dude with one hit. The person is bleeding badly. Dislocated arms, neck, etc. The nurse came and took him. People dislike Bob more. Bob then pressed the button back to human armor position(the same as before).

    "Are you sick of something? Trying to kill a guy for throwing a milk carton at you? You take everything to the extreme when someone attacks you slightly weak or didn't attack you but looks like it. Do you know how powerful the cast is. You hit him full force, very fast! You will be a monster if you keep this up." Derek said.

    "Derek....... I'm sorry. I just got carried away. This cast is just getting loose because of you guys, it's giving me a headache. You guys caused it to make me be in pain."

    "No we didn't do this. We warned you about the side effects. But no, you didn't listen. I thought we were friends Bob. Before, you used to take problems easily most of the time, now, it looks like you have no common sense."

    "Oh so I don't have common sense. How about you, you don't know how to understand how it's like living in this cast. I'm wearing this forever."

    "You are insane. Derek is right, you have no common sense. Look how you almost killed the boy. You could have gone to juvie for this. Do you want me to call them for you to take off this monstrosity."


    Bob the turned into offense and defense mode, and he tried slamming the person, but the guy caught it. Bob tried ramming, but no use. People tried throwing rocks at Bob, the armor reflected back at them, injuring their arms. Bob then finally got the upper hand and attacked the guy, he fell down, unconscious.

    "Now you are the monster to this school. Congratulations, you are a senseless beast and is the worst crybaby with a safety suit on. And you shouldn't be proud of this."

    Everyone left, and Bob didn't even feel bad, he then became frustrated and went to last block. During Honors Algebra, the teacher stared at Bob, scared of him. He thinks in his brain.( How can I deal with him? I heard how he almost killed that little boy). When math started, the teacher said a simple equation of square roots.

    "Ok, what is the square root of 297? Remember how we practiced this last week." When Bob tried writing, the pain happened. He then ignored it and wrote that the square root of it is 17.2. But a guy raised his had up before Bob, and he said the answer. Bob got upset.

    "But I got the answer before him! Bob whined.
    "Bob, but he raised his hand up first, remember?"
    "But I should have said the answer first!"
    "Quit it Bob. Don't go off on me like you did on lunch, just stop whining and move on."

    Bob became angry, and then he yelled. The sound inside the cast rattled, creating a stressful sound. Then he chased the person on the way home, while the dude went to his house, he pinned the door. But Bob broke through the door, and the pieces of the door came off. The person went running. But Bob has an idea. He then went outside, and he broke the bottom of the house, and the boy fell down, getting a major accident. The house is in pieces. the boy is crying, he can't get out. Scratches, and his legs are stuck, and it's cut off. Bob ran away.

    Made by me, but lazy to type this, so copied and pasted. original thing:

    If you don't understand, look at this link, look at my gallery, see "Bob's Adventures". Click it, and see all 19 episodes. No hate comments please, comment on what you think about this.
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