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    This is (as the title implies) alpha 2 of my 649 patch. It fixes a couple of minor bugs which existed in alpha 1 (which was only privately available).

    Terms of Use:
    Do not, under any circumstances, release a hack based on this patch. You can build a private hack on the engine.

    Report any and all bugs found either in this thread, in a VM, or a PM. I will endeavour to check the thread at least once a day to respond to any queries.

    Please use this format, as it will aid me in fixing any bugs:
    Bug - Explanation of what it is (a screenshot would also be fine if not better)
    HOW TO REPLICATE: This is hugely important. If you can recreate the bug using a set of easy steps, tell me. Then I can replicate them myself to try to fix it. If not, don't worry too much.
    When - When it happened (Specific area of game - like during battles or whatever)

    Other than that, and most importantly, enjoy!

    Please remember this is an EARLY ALPHA of the patch, and while most things work, some things do not. Things which don't work are listed in the spoiler below.

    No way to activate the new formes. You can manually activate them (Note: no sprites, just types) by setting the 27th byte of the Pokémon party data to something other than 0. However, the formes are only applicable to the upper half of the byte. That is, 0x10, 0x20, 0x30 (etc).

    Footprint data missing for all new Pokémon.

    Size comparison is WAAAAAY off. All new Pokémon are Pikachu sized in the comparison.

    DO NOT open Cherrim's Pokédex entry, game crashes.

    Ignore weird sprites in Pokédex, or lack of sprites in some situations. It's down to the code for Male/Female sprites being present, but the sprites are not.

    No Pokémon above Raichu have a moveset.

    Lack of Day/Night cycle disables some new evolution types. Simply add the DAN by Prime_Dialga to fix this.

    Could be some issues with some attacks with the new DPSS. Swift seems to do very little damage for some reason.

    The new moves which do NOT do damage will do nothing.

    The new moves all use the old animations, literally copied and pasted into the new slots. This will be rectified at a later date.

    There seems to be a severe issue with Gen 1 Pokémon trying to evolve to later gens. Certainly, Golbat -> Crobat crashes the game. Try to avoid any such evolution unless you want to try to find out why.

    The new TMs have no real association yet, I just filled the data with random bytes, so there could be weird learnsets.

    Couple of weird graphical bugs (ignoring what is already above that is)

    The ASM hack made by HackMew to speed up egg hatching with Flame Body/Magma Armour is NOT in the ROM.

    Also attached are a couple of headers for XSE which contain the new items (sans sprites atm) and the new Pokémon to facilitate the use of the patch.

    I hope this will be tested by many, and I also truly hope as many bugs as possible are found so I can fix them.

    Also, I sneaked in ony tiny little semi-easter egg. You should find it quite quickly if you're curious enough to open Sappy.

    Finally, a short note to Team Fail and his ilk: The documentation is still being written up, I'll post it when it's ready. I hope that's OK.

    Last but not least; The link to it:
    The INI:

    This INI is for PGE, but it should contain most (if not all) of the relevant pointers/data.
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