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Natalia Zaytsev - Moscow, Russia

Natalia let herself into the drivers side, put the keys in the ignition, started the car and drove off, away from the Atlantean Centre. If they hoped to get away undiscovered, Natalia had to get to the safehouse as quickly as she could. Quickly without speeding, or drawing attention to herself. She wasn't worried too much, they had plenty of time. Afron had accepted her proposal without too many questions and without too much hassle. This sped things up greatly.

Natalia liked it when things were going to plan.

"So, who are you and what do you want, exactly?" the boy said as she turned right at an intersection. Right, the questions he was talking about. Natalia didn't expect him to dilly dally and nor did she prefer it.

"As I said, my name is Natalia Zaytsev. I am part of an Atlantean organisation called the Atlantean Unification Project, or AUP. I cannot reveal much to you, only that as an organisation, we hope to unite Atlanteans as a singular race," she turned right again, now back on track towards her hotel, and stopped at a red light. Glancing over at Afron, she gave him a small nod. "Atlanteans have been disrespected for centuries, despite our gifts. We hope to change this and give Atlanteans the proper recognition we deserve."

The lights went green and Natalia moved forward, changing lanes to the left. She could see her hotel in view now, and pulled into the driveway when she was close enough. When she had parked in her allocated park, she turned off the car and turned to Afron.

"This is my temporary safehouse. We can discuss more up there, safe from enemy ears," she opened her door and stepped out, gesturing at Afron to follow.

Oakley North - London, England

Oakley was a little taken aback by the next gesture, Miss Beleren pulling her forward into a hug. Oakley didn't know what else to do, her arm trapped by her side and her other in a cast, so she could not return it though she was a little to shocked to consider it. All she did was mutter a small "oh". She had not been hugged like this, not for a long time, not since her mother died. Oakley stood there for a second, her eyes wide, until Miss Beleren pulled back and returned to her place behind the table.

"My child, like the colour of your skin, your abilities are genetic, a rite, an inheritance of sorts; you cannot get rid of them nor change them. However, like your very own body, they grow and change, slowly becoming something that is amazing... an art," the lady pulled the water from the cups on the table, demonstrating the beauty of her own ability. "I'm sorry that you wish that, but perhaps we can turn that around?"

Oakley gave a sad nod. She expected as much, but she felt no need to control her power. Well, not no need, she probably needed to, but she didn't want to. Oakley's eyes returned to her feet as Miss Beleren asked about other questions. The other boy, Christian, responded quite quickly to her.

I got a question… your highness. I did not come here to sign up to work for the Atlantean Royal Family and to work with these people, no offense to anyone. I am sure you are all fine people. I did not come here for training or a career opportunity. I came here to register for a ID saying "Atalantean". So tell me, princess, why the ruse? Why not tell us what we are getting in now instead of acting like every other damn politician?"

Oakley looked up and blinked at the boy. Oakley hadn't even thought of that, but that was probably because she had not had any intent of returning home. This boy probably had a life, he probably had no trouble with his own power. Her eyes went back to her feet again. She hated to feel so self pitiful and sad like this, especially around people she didn't even know.
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