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    Originally Posted by Volcanix769 View Post
    BurningGreymon is not related to Greymon.
    Actually, they are. "Greymon" is used in the names of reptilian Digimon that generally have a three horns on a helmet, orange skin, and a strength in fire attacks. There are some that don't completely fit these qualities though.

    Though I guess I should add that "BurningGreymon" is actually the English name. The Japanese name is Vritramon.

    Anyhow, I prefer Digimon over Pokemon. Yes, even the games. Digimon games are just better to me because it's not always the same thing. Even the first three Digimon World games for the PlayStation are different. Particularly when comparing the first one to the second. While the DS games are similar, they're more challenging to me, which keeps me interested.

    As for the two animes, there's no question about it. Digimon is the one I can watch multiple times and not get tired of it, even a messy season like 02.

    Plus, I've always wanted my own Digimon partner. Just to have someone by my side I can talk to, to possibly give advice, and who's willing to do anything to protect me.
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