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Oh hey, it's that time of the year when the people outside the section come in to preach Pokemon again. It's been a while.

Anyways, I'm a digimon fan. Generally have been, even back in the time of 10 years ago (ie when digimon and pokemon were in the same time slot, I usually chose digimon, and took pokemon on the friday after-school reruns, unless there was a gym battle coming up, since those were pretty much the only interesting ones). Games-wise, I haven't played a Digimon game, and I generally fall out of Pokemon games after a month or so (dependent on people around me, really).

General Whys:
  1. I like the designs more. Besides this new generation having a lot of not-so-impressive designs, I've generally enjoyed the designs more. In addition, I like how the digimon's names tell you what the motif was.
  2. I like (most of) their toys more. Setting digivices aside, I own an Omegamon Gundam kit, so ya...Also not really into plushes, along with the point above.
  3. Digimon tends to have more plot/depth than Pokemon. If anything, it's a lot darker, even on the manga side. The characters get good development, unlike a certain character who's anime's side-characters get more development off-screen than he does on-screen.