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    Originally Posted by Toujours View Post
    Inb4 Nica tells Pika about PO

    I can't take Pokemon battling competitively or seriously anymore. It's just a fundamentally flawed game for two main reasons.

    1) Rock Paper Scissors relationship.

    As in bad players lose to good players, good players lose to great players but great players lose to bad players. While not strictly true, I believe it generally holds. People try to over predict against bad players and it backfires, potentially costing them the match and stuff like that. It's too easy for that to happen in Pokemon in my opinion.

    2) The hax.

    The Dark Azelf argument. Even though the hax is usually on my side, it ruins games. If you read the battle log between me and Miss Doronjo recently here, I had no right to win that match. I made too many mistakes and I should have lost but the nature of Pokemon is that even bad players can pull a win out of bullshizzle situations. I don't like playing a game where bad players can win out of their ass due to hax.

    I mean yeah, Yu-Gi-Oh suffers from the above two problems but it's nowhere near as bad as Pokemon battling. In YGO, most of the time, the better player will win. Yeah people get sacked at times with lucky top decks (or in the case of Forever, dropping triple Judgment Dragon) and such, but those odds are very slim and that's why in the big YGO tournaments, you often see the same people making the top cut and such. Consistency is such a difficult thing to obtain in Pokemon in my opinion in comparison to YGO.
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