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    Originally Posted by Ooka View Post

    1) I honestly don't think that having to know a strategy = flawed, but I understand that's your opinion.

    2) The way you were talking before is seemed like you considered hax a winning condition, so I didn't see anything wrong with comparing it to something in the same category. Sorry if I misunderstood.
    1) I don't mean the overall strategy. If anything, I refer to tactics. It's just like sometimes people play "badly" (this obviously depends on the point of view) but they manage to come out on top. Sometimes you can argue whether their playstyle was so "bad" but other times I am just like "what the hell is this bull crap!?!"

    2) Oooh yeah I can understand why you thought that. That wasn't primarily my intention but it can be the case that hax decides games. It's just in any game, the random factor should be reduced as much as possible so that the people who win are the ones who outplayed / deserve the win. Sometimes it can't be helped like in any card game for example. You will sometimes draw bad hands etc etc, that cannot be controlled. But in Pokemon, they really should have changed the game mechanics to not include hax or reduce it as much as possible. "But then it's not Pokemon." YOU'RE RIGHT. IT WOULD BE A MUCH BETTER GANE THAN WHAT POKEMON CURRENTLY IS!

    @ PC Arch Nemesis

    There should not be a "built in handicap" for any game really - especially one which in nature cannot be determined or controlled. The people who win should be the people who played better not who had greater luck. An extremist example I know but it illustrates my point clearly, which is why I used it. What you refer to as beauty, I call disgusting.

    "If you don't like the game, then don't play it?"

    I agree with that sentiment. In fact until recently I hadn't played in months. I found motivation to play a bit more though.
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